Welcome to the
Michigan Advanced Aerial System Consortium

The Michigan Advanced Aerial System Consortium (MIAASC) is a Michigan state-wide Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) initiative that has united elected officials, government agencies, academia and the industry around a common goal: to become the U.S. prime UAS test center and cluster. Our unique natural assets, infrastructure, airspace, and our strong network of partners and members make MIAASC the destination of choice for your UAS operations and business activities.

 MIAASC Test Center

MIAASC test center provides you with a turnkey solution for your UAS operations: competitive hourly access fees to our airspace, equipment and UAS rental, pilot, ground, and technical support; FBO services, and an experienced team of professionals to assist you with rules & regulation issues, and other consulting needs.

 MIAASC Industry Cluster

MIAASC is not only the best location for your flight-test activities, it is also an integrated cluster for the unmanned aerial systems industry. MIAASC’s cluster structure encompasses the whole UAS value chain: R&D, flight-test activities, aerial operations, training and education, think tank and manufacturing.